foto State of Art Facilities
INIFD is a synergy of strategic, creative, functional & technical expertise, addressing specific career challenges. INIFD realizes" what many think could be impossible. From the moment you walk in to one of our centres, you feel the INIFD difference. Creativity is everywhere, especially in our students, who come to INIFD to challenge their dreams and passions. INIFD Campus is packed with all possible facilities, to make learning through development. INIFD you get multiple advantages.

foto Foyer Area
INIFD provides a specific area to the students where they can give their presentations using different kinds of aids like LCD projectors, sound system and light system.

foto Convenient Batch Timings
INIFD student is benefited as we have designed the curriculum and adjusted the batch timings is convenient manner to allow you to continue with your regular school college studies.

foto Library
To give a comfortable & inspiring environment INIFD provides a library. The Library at INIFD consists of books and other published resources of Indian & International authors and publishers covering its educational programs and related subjects. The library has a regular subscription of various journals and magazines both foreign and Indian. The library service provides resources and facilities for study, research and self-improvement.

foto Fashion Design Labs
Today's world fashion industry requires the idea of fashion that constantly creates new and changing images. The Fashion Design Laboratory studies the actual designs that are expressed in the lives of people. The research goal of our lab is to train and produce fashion-related specialists needed in modern society through systematic education that studies formative factors with a new perspective on "fashion in the field of design".

foto Interior Design Labs
The Interior Design Resource Lab serves as a workroom and reference lab devoted to students learning about interior design, architecture and sustainable building elements. The lab provides organized storage for building material samples, interior finish samples, reference books and product literature for interior design students to utilize in their coursework.

foto Computer Labs
At INIFD you get the added advantage of learning computers along with regular course studies. Computer education forms the integral part of syllabus for all three courses. We provide education with computers along with our regular courses at no extra courses.

foto Industrial Visits
INIFD offers opportunity for all the students to interact on a consistent basis with Industries by way of visits to many renowned companies.Industrial visit provides opportunity for interaction with entrepreneurs and executives associated with visit to a working establishment. Visit gives right perspective of what is disseminated in classrooms.The visit is organized for industrial establishments and business houses for their contribution to Indian economy. This helps students to understand the journey of product from place of production to customer's hands and management strategies, which make this journey fruitful.